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Innovative Skylight Alternative Solutions

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Using illume Ambient Light Technology (A.L.T), the Skylight Alternative illuminates dark, gloomy areas, where under normal circumstances a traditional skylight cannot be fitted.

This innovative solution opens up an entire new range of possibilities to renovators who can now create beautiful, dynamically lit areas in the darker parts of your home or space.

Simulating the outside, inside your home

Illume Manhole

Illume Manhole, an innovative new way to light up those dark areas of your home such as hallways and laundries (where manholes are typically positioned). A clever and practical solution to a once wasted area of ceiling space; with the added benefit of safely brightening your roof cavity when the illume Manhole is opened for access.

  • Works without batteries
  • No mains power required
  • 100% Solar Powered
  • Suits 450-600mm
  • Easy to install
  • No running costs
  • No light shaft required
  • No UV emissions
  • Doesn’t attract insects
  • Auto operation
  • Works in multi-level dwellings
  • No heat transfer
  • No carbon footprint
  • No noise transfer
  • No leaks
  • No dead insects (sealed unit)

Illume Manhole replicates external lighting conditions, it does not provide natural light.

Remote Dimming Switch

Have you ever wanted to dim or switch off your illume?

Perhaps it’s near your media room and you want to watch a matinée movie?

With the Remote Dimming Switch Kit you can easily adjust the lighting level in your space, and it’s so simple to install, there’s no need for an electrician. The illume Remote Dimming Switch Kit is the perfect accompaniment for your illume Skylight Alternative. Simply connect the receiver between the solar collector and control module, code in the remote and you’re done.

  • Use as an on/off switch or dimmer
  • Remote control – no need for a wall switch
  • Easy to connect – plug and play
  • No need for an electrician
  • Operate up to four illumes from one remote
  • Kit includes remote and receiver
  • Automatically resets to ‘on’ status overnight
  • Suitable for all illumes up to 600x900mm.
  • Range: Up to 30m

Surface-Mount Skylight Alternative

illume surface-mount Skylight Alternatives are easy to install almost anywhere, in any room on any level without the need for a light shaft, flexible tube or large roof cavity. Our surface-mount models offer the ability to include dynamic lighting into tricky situations where a conventional skylight cannot be fitted such as timber and tin ceilings. Also, illume surface-mount models do not interfere with insulation and electrical cabling.


  • Does not affect insulation or noise rating
  • Works without a light shaft or flexi-tube
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Suitable for tile or metal deck roofs
  • Fully sealed unit – will not leak or collect bugs
  • Does not transfer UV, heat or noise indoors
  • No batteries or mains power required

Solar Roof Ventilator


Moisture and humid air gathers in the roof cavity and condense into water droplets when the roof cools. Activities such as showering, cooking and doing the laundry add to this, which can lead to mildew that damage plasterboard, weaken building materials and lead to electrical problems.
The Kimberley Solar Roof Ventilator effortlessly extracts the heat and moisture. Unlike rotary ventilators which are prone to noise and vibration as the bearings inevitably fail, the brushless motor of the Solar Roof Ventilator reduces the vibration from the roof vent significantly.

The Kimberley Solar Roof Ventilator provides effective ventilation during hot, sunny, and especially calm, windless days.


  • Reduces moisture, mould and heat levels
  • Fully solar-powered – no operating costs
  • Helps prevent damage to electrical systems
  • Doesn’t rely on wind velocity to operate
  • Reduces cooling energy costs
    Auto-adjusts speed to available sunlight
  • Rust-resistant galvanised steel chassis
  • Tempered glass solar panel component
  • Non-corrosive aluminium fan blade
  • Brushless DC motor

Kimberley Solar Roof Ventilators are designed to balance the temperature in the home by assisting interior vents to filter out humidity and heat. Wind driven turbine roof ventilators can be very inefficient and noisy. Solar ventilators work silently whenever the sun is shining to purge the warm air from your roof cavity.

How does illume work?

Solar Panel illume is powered by a solar panel positioned on the roof, cutting the cost of your power bill, by reducing the need for electrical lighting or batteries in your homes dark rooms or spaces.

Transfer Cable The solar power is transferred to the light panel via a cable, simulating the lighting conditions outside. illume automatically comes to life at sunrise, and its intensity varies during the day depending on sun exposure and cloud cover outside.

The lighting panel uses Ambient Light Technology (A.L.T), bringing light into the dark areas of your home, creating the feeling of harmony between external and internal lighting conditions.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, there is the perfect illume for every room.

Multi System –  Up to 9 illume light panels can be connected to 1 solar panel

Perfect for multi storey buildings.

The illume Skylight Alternative has a sleek design, using solar technology to transform any room into a bright space by simulating the lighting conditions outside, without the need for a light shaft.

Install an illume, instead of a traditional skylight, to bring more light into your home.

Perfect for walk-in robes, enclosed hallways, kitchens, pantries and even your bathroom.

Unlike a traditional skylight you can even install an illume to lower levels, basements and attics — the possibilities are endless!

illume’s innovative design cuts the cost of your electricity, with no running costs or batteries. Installation is easy and non intrusive. Unlike traditional skylights, there is no light shaft, and penetration is not required.